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Dandruff Tips

Dandruff is a very common people almost in everyone and its not very serious unless it becomes evident. It is a condition in which the upper skin or scalp sheds away from hair and falls on the shoulders or gets prominent on the surface of hair. Its extreme conditions starts from itching and at times might results into skin problems due to excessive removal of flakes from head skin. There are numerous ways to deal with it starting from use of shampoo, herbals, oils etc. In this article I shall enumerate a few very basic facts or tips to control the dandruff to minimum possible limit.

  • The first and foremost is the selection of shampoo, suiting your skin and then keep rotating it. The skin gets used to of one shampoo if used for prolonged period and then it becomes ineffective resulting into dandruff.
  • The frequency of washing your hair should be commensurate with your work or type of environment where your maximum time is passed, it might be once in two days or twice in a day, but you need to ensure that your hair remains clean all the time.
  • Since dandruff results into itching so if you feel excessive, do not scratch it. Scratching would damage the skin. Deal itching by use of appropriate oil in hair.
  • Avoid use of chemical based gels and dryers on the hair.
  • Tea tree is major source of anti fungus and anti bacterial agents. It is very commonly used in soaps and most of shampoos; this might be applied directly to avoid dandruff.
  • Vinegar has proved very effective against the dandruff. Make a mix of vinegar and water having ratio of 1:6 (vinegar: water) and apply it on skin of head, let is soak for few minutes and then rinse it with running water.
  • Use “Neem Oil” to avoid itching on the skin, since it acts as antifungal agent and the procedure is very simple, just put it on palm and using your finger tips apply directly onto scalp.
  • Lemon juices another remedy to dandruff and is used as mixture with water (1: 6) and let is soak for few minutes before you rinse properly. (Similar to use of vinegar).
  • Rosemary Oil and Lemon juice mixture may be used for washing of hair, or as a supplement after use of some shampoo for avoiding dandruff.
  • Mixture of almond oil and olive oil is also being used by various people to avoid the dandruff.
  • Use egg of amla shampoos, since these are proven chemical free or at least contains minimum contents of chemicals.
  • Coconut oil mixed with olive oil may be used in routine instead of gel after washing of hair with normal shampoo.
  • Use Aloe Vera for your hair and to keep your skin moisturized take plenty of water, fruits and juices.
  • Protect the skin from direct sun light and keep your head covered to avoid dirt and dust.
  • Comb having wider teeth would be a better option for combing and avoid hair loss.

Although there are various means available but what suits your skin, that can only be judged once you try these at home. One this remains assured that the application of any of above mentioned techniques would hardly be damaging in one respect or the other. Whereas going for chemical shampoos, might damage the skin instead of proving better results.

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