Deal With Puffiness & Dark Circles At Home


There are lots of reasons of dull, tired, puffy and unattractive eyes and dark circle eventually, including sleepless nights, bad food, bad way of eating, bad habits etc. today we will see how to get rid of all of bad looks of our eyes with these simple tips.

Sleep well: – if you ask me what is the biggest reason of bad eyes then I would say, bad sleep and that shows that you can deal with that if you get some good 8 hours sleep during the night, if you really really want to look fresh and beautiful then you need to give your eyes a good peaceful 8 hours sleeps, this is the best solution of dull, puffy and red eyes and that will not only make you look good and beautiful , it will actually help you be more focused and more happy and positive too.

Deal With Puffiness & Dark Circles At Home

Eat &Drink Well: – if you want to look good you need to feed your body good, eat good healthy and fresh food, balanced and healthy well managed diet and drink lots of water, I would not say that you should drink 8 glasses or more, I am just saying that you should drink more that you do usually, I personally think that you should give a green food and Vegetarian food a try, but if you are a non Vegetarian then you should eat lean protein including fish, lean meat, tofu and other healthy choices of proteins and then you should not eat simple carbs like white rice, white bread, pasta, cakes and sweets and say no to sugar and salt and go for complexed carbs.

Drinking Water can actually help your swelled and puffed eyes as it will wash off all the toxic impacts and all the bad and unhealthy chemicals from your body and it help you get a healthy and organized system too, add green tea in your diet, three times a day at least.
Deal With Puffiness & Dark Circles At Home-

If you have a early morning meeting and you cannot go and you don’t want to go with that puffer fish look then try cold cucumber slices, The cold compress of potato or tomato and if you don’t have any of that at the moment then you can try tea bags and as unhealthy they are to drink as good for your eyes, use the one which has the highest level of caffeic acid and that will help you immediately.