Different Types of Mascaras and Their Uses


Different Types of Mascaras and Their UsesLush, long, fuller lashes always remain a style statement. But a very few of as have are blessed with such enviable lashes naturally. Others have to resort to mascaras to give their eyelashes the desired length and volume.

There are many different types and compositions of mascaras available in the market to add instant zing to your eye look. Let’s take look different types of mascara and their purposes!

Lengthening mascara

Lengthening mascara serves to create illusion of length for your short eyelashes. It comes with a dense-bristled applicator which allows the product to get onto the tips of your lashes giving them an elongated seem.

Volumizing Mascara

Containing thick formula of waxes and silicone polymers, volumizing or thickening mascara gives your sparse lashes a fuller and thicker look.

Curling Mascara

It enhances the natural curl of the lashes and is ideal for those having quite straight lashes.

Lash Defining Mascara

It is a versatile product that delivers both, volume as well as length to your lashes. Thanks to its consistency and texture, it lies out evenly and each hair looks separate, fine and beautifully curled. Besides this broad classification, mascaras are subcategorized into water-soluble, waterproof, powder, liquid and cream mascaras.

  • Water-soluble Mascara: Also referred as regular mascara, this sort of mascara is more likely to smudge and flake and doesn’t stay for long. It can be easily removed with a basic makeup remover.
  • Waterproof Mascara: As its name suggests, this mascara is water resistant, long-lasting and less prone to smudging and smearing. Ideal for summers and monsoon season!
  • Powder Mascara: Powder mascara is very different from liquid and crème mascaras. A few drops of water are added to it and then applied with the help of supplied wand. Best for giving falsies kind of a finish!
  • Cream Mascara: It offers your sparse, sheer hair plenty of volume while adding depth to your eyes. Since it is more prone to smudging, crème mascara needs to be applied with an applicator meant specifically for it.
  • Liquid Mascara: These are the most commonly used mascaras. Usually, those having curled eyelashes resort to liquid mascara to give their lashes enhanced, and more sharpened look. These are available in water-resistant as well as water-soluble formulas.