Diwali Rangoli Designs Simple Free Hand Designs


Diwali is one of the greatest and heartiest occasions of Hindu Community which comes with the symbol of love and affection where everyone tries to forget the bad things and tries themselves to get enclosed with each other.

Well People like to celebrate the this occasion by different means like fire cracking wearing new dresses and by decorating their homes with different decorating stuff and in these the most color full thing to do is Rangoli. This is the most entertaining thing to do in the homes and doesn’t make you get tired by doing even all the time.

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Rangoli is a tradition which is been carried on by the Hindu People from a long time they use this style to welcome the happy day of Diwali with this stuff. Rangoli means to draw some traditional pictures and designs on the floor of the house with color. For that concern they considered the entering area of the house is the most accurate place for drawing Rangoli. Well it is becoming very famous among the people and they try it hard to make the best Rangoli on the floor of their house that they can get the attention of the people.

They also thought that the most beautiful Rangoli you will make the most happiness will knock to your door on an after the occasion of Dewali. Diwali Rangoli Designs,Than after drawing Rangoli Designs in different pattern they protect it that it should not be affected with the feet of anyone. So here I am providing you a large range of Rangoli these all designs are new and elegant even you can make change in these designs by using your own creative mind to make it more unique and different.