DIY Coffee Scrubs For Cellulite


DIY Coffee Scrubs For CelluliteCellulite is one of the huge beauty kills and we all know that nobody like these dimples, everyone like to see smooth straight skin, and if you have them , then here are some tips for you and see if they help you.

  1. Get into some kind of exercise routines that can actually work on these areas and they will make them go one day, I know it will not be too easy or there is no such thing in cosmetic or any herb that can make them go immediately or in weeks so be careful before paying for such kind of things.
  2. Drink lots of water and if your body has the tendency to keep these fat cells then try not to eat too much oil or oily things, butter, milk, fatty meat, too much sweet fruits, dishes or things that can increase the fat level in you or can produce Cellulite.
  3. Take three cups of green tea and try to stop any kind of cold drink including homemade drinks too, to get the Cellulite you need to make an resolution, you will never ever drink a single calorie in a drink, so you will need up with just plain cold water and green tea.
  4. Here is a DIY Coffee massage for you and it has been very famous for so many countries and famous beauties say that they rely on this for cellulite.
  5. Here is the directions for you, make a homemade mix of olive oil and warm coffee grounds, you can use that you left in grinders as a waste, it will work absolutely fine, and then worm them in microwave oven for 2 minutes and then start rubbing it around your body and on those areas where you think you need it.

You should add enough olive oil to make a thick paste so it will make things work properly rub as fast as you can and as hard as you can, the best way to see if you are doing it right is to feel some kind of sensation underneath your skin and that shows your blood is ruining faster which will break the fat blocks
Now if you have time then rap any kind of hot rap, or butter paper around your body and lay down in somewhere worm, you can try sitting in the bathroom and turn on hot water or heating and make your own sauna bath and sit there for next 30 minutes and after that remove that rap and was your body with worm water and take some kind of Anti-Cellulite soap to wash your body.

Now you can try this once a week and other days of week use anti-cellulite loofah to rub your infected areas and see if this work and you got to do that every day while you having hot shower and I bet you will be able to see smooth silky skin within a month.