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Do It Yourself Hairstyles for Christmas

hair styles for christmas, diy hair styles for christmas-Holiday season is here with all the essential decorations and sensational preparations. It’s a time to choose festive outfit and have a look at the latest makeup trends and cool hairstyles. In this page, I have illustrated some of the best DIY holiday hairstyles for Christmas, holiday cocktails, New Years and more. Keep on reading to learn…

DIY Hairstyles for Christmas

1. Classic Updo for Curly Hair

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This fantastic and super-cool hairstyle is modeled by actress Brittany Murphy recently. She simply pull hair up and secure them on the top of head. This hairstyle is quite easy and very perfect for the girls who have curly hair. Even if you have straight hair, add some curls to sport this lovely hairstyle. To add fullness, use a dry powder shampoo. Apply a bit of hairspray to make your hairstyle last longer. Don’t heavy-duty hairspray as it can ruin the look of your nice hairstyle, making your hair stiff & tacky.

2. French Twist

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Wearing a French twist is a great option for women who have medium or long hair. After washing and conditioning your hair, use hair gel to slick back hair. For more modish, you can part hair on the side. Next pull hair down (at nape of neck) and twist it. Pin the twist into place and apply a hairspray.

3. Above-the-shoulder Scrunched Hairstyle with Bangs

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This modish hairstyle is perfect for you if you have short hair. First of all, prepare your hair by washing it and apply a conditioner. Now, apply a bit hair mousse to your locks to bunch them up. Fasten the hair pins to hold bunches. Take off the pins after 30-40 minutes and apply a fine-quality hairspray.

Hope you liked the DIY hairstyles for Christmas and holidays… Feel free to share your comments.

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