Dove Facial Cleanser


Cleansing the facial skin is a daily routine for women. Dove facial cleanser is an excellent product for the skin which helps in toning the skin in a great way. Its range is specially formulated to cleanse away impurities, whilst protecting skin from moisture loss, making it a highly effective facial cleanser which can easily be incorporated into a woman’s daily facial cleansing regime.

Cleansing the skin can diminish the moisture retaining elements from the outer protective layer of the skin on the face and over time it can drastically reduce the hydration level of the skin. Dove Facial Cleanser gently lathers and leaves the skin feeling replenished, supple and soft. 

Many of Dove facial cleansing products are formulated with the glycerin which has incredible water drawing qualities, it is absorbed into the driest layers of the skin where it intercepts and holds water in order to restore suppleness.

The new look Dove Facial Cleanser range incorporates two new products Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser, and Dove Go Fresh Citrus Facial Cleanser. Dove beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser is a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic product suited to normal to dry skin while Dove Go Fresh Citrus Facial Cleanser is infused with the mandarin and orange and are designed for normal to oily skins.