Drawbacks of Laser Hair-removal Technique


Drawbacks of Laser Hair-removal TechniqueLaser treatment is one of the most commonly used hair-removal technique. The method is quite lengthy and expensive but thanks to the results it produces, lots of women resort to this method to get baby soft, hair-less skin.
Like most of the chemical and surgical treatment, laser hair removal too has several side effects. Here are mentioned some common side effects of the procedure.

Skin discoloration

Hypo or hyper pigmentation is one of the most common side effects you may have to face after getting unwanted hair removed through laser treatment. Hyper pigmentation is marked by the atypical darkening of the skin whereas the hypopigmentation leads the treated skin area to become too lighter. On the larger part this type of skin discoloration happens to be temporary but the issue may also turn chronic in some cases.


Severe pain and discomfort in the treated area is another complaint made by those who opt to go for laser treatment to get rid of unwanted hair. Oftentimes pain may also be followed by some other conditions such as skin irritation, inflammation and itchiness. However, all these issues can be efficiently fixed by the use of medications recommended by your physician.

Diverse Results

As like many other cosmetic procedures, the efficiency of laser treatment may vary form person to person. The determinant factors of the ultimate results include thickness of your hair, your type of hair-growth and general skin sensitivity. At times, your skin tone too may turn out to be a determining factor of the ultimate cons of laser treatment. For instance, those having darker complexion may experience slight lightening of the skin in targeted area because of reduced melanin in the area. Mostly momentary, this condition rarely gets chronic.

Skin Burns

If performed by an unprofessional technician who don’t have enough know how of laser type & setting, the laser treatment may cause skin burns. Also, the gel used before the treatment may bring about allergic reactions in a few cases.