Dressing a Petite Figure with Flattering Clothing Styles

Dressing a Petite Figure
Dressing a Petite Figure for your body beauty

Petite ladies use to have different body sizes and shapes. Ladies with 5’4” or less height are referred as petite women; it does not merely mean small rather petites can have different sizes from 0-plus size. While dressing, it is very important to keep your body shape and size in mind. Petites should wear an outfit that can elongate their look. Some clothing tips for petite women are given below;

Follow Flattering Clothing Styles these tip you will hopefully find them helpful to look taller.

Flattering Clothing Styles
Dressing a Petite Figure with Flattering Clothing Styles

Sport Monochromatic Color: Sporting one-colored dress paired with same colored footwear and other accessories can make your body longer and give the chimera of height. Jagged color contrasts bring out different sections of your body and thus make them look shorter.

Don’t tie girdles: Petite women should avoid girdles or fixed waists. The waistline of petite ladies uses to be higher than the average-proportion ladies, so, when they wear belts or fix their waist their short chest gets accentuated and they end up in a “chubby” appearance.

Gaze-at the Size of Patterns: Do remember large print or intrepid patterns or not designed for petite ladies as these types of prints or patterns don’t give pleasing look when dress is cut to a smaller sections. Always opt for minimal patterns with finer details.

Opt for Comfortable Footwear: Avoid wearing uncomfortable high heels to look taller. Always opt for comfortable footwear that matches your dress. As a general rule, petite women should not wear flat shoes, as jeans and skirts may look more gratifying when paired with at-least a stumpy heel.

Wear Vertical stripes. Do wear vertical lines. They can give the illusion of height while the horizontal stripes can make you look shorter.