Dry Scalp Treatment That Works

Dry Scalp Treatment
Dry Scalp Treatment That Works in home

Dry Scalp Treatment That Works – If you are experiencing a dry scalp then 1st action to perform is to dig out the source which is instigating dehydrated scalp. Common crooks are over use of shampooing, overuse of alcoholic hair care products, climate, sun destruction, eczema, nutritional insufficiency and deficiency of water. Below we present some of useful tips to combat dry scalp.

How to cure a dehydrated scalp

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo maximum two times a week.
  • Use warm oil therapy as this will help you regain the missing moistness in scalp and condition your tresses.
  • Eat strong nourishment full of tubers, ounces, fruitless and fresh water. Add Vitamin B complex to your food intake.


A Fantastic Formula for Dehydrated Scalp Cure:


  • Blend apple cider vinegar with water in equal quantity i.e. four ounces.
  • Put blend into a squeezable bottle.
  • Afterwards wash your tresses and apply vinegar blend to scalp while still under shower. Let it remain applied for approximately 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Rinse your mane after 3 minutes and reprise as required.

This is quite useful recipe and will assist you maintain an improved scalp. In addition to dryness if you have itchy scalp with bumps on it then you may need to visit you dermatologist for advice as this may prove dangerous.