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During Pregnancy Diet

Though the pregnancy diet plays a very important role in our health and in our beauty in general. But if you get pregnant the diet should play major role not only for mother health but also for child health.

The early period of pregnancy diet is more unusual hunger and needs of body are different in those days due to vomiting or avert ion to food can’t eat much. But as the period advances the body demand itself, which it feels deficient in our pregnancy diett. Following steps should be kept in mind during pregnancy. Early period is of low intake of diet.

In the middle of pregnancy diet there is a rapid growth of cells and cell division. In lunch high protein diet should be taken in last months the calcium is secreted from maternal bones to fulfill the calcium requirements of child. So large intake of dairy products, yogurt. Milk. Cheese and all such things to be taken in large quantities.

Special pregnancy needs;

Now a day’s many supplements are available in market to make up deficiency of foods. However these are the special requirements for pregnancy diet.


Iron is needed for child growth as well as for mother’s health; mostly our women get anemic due to deficiency of iron. so considerable amount of iron is needed. But avoid extra quantities; it will damage the liver of child.(pregnancy diet)


Folic acids are needed during early growth of fetus. It is necessary for cell division. It can be taken from grains, pulses, yeast, etc.


Vitamin B is very essential for rapid growth of cell division in fetus, It is found in all legumes, nuts, and in all red beans etc. extra uptake of vitamin B causes the dark yellow color of urine. It should be examined by urine examination. It should be controlled by plenty intake of fluids.


The intake of calcium is very necessary; if there is deficiency of calcium there will be cramps in lower part of legs. Dairy products can take it.


There are following things to be avoided especially during pregnancy diet.


All junk foods to be avoided during pregnancy diet. Though there is irresistible craves. During pregnancy but it to be thought that it is not merely to fill the stomach but have nutritional value. So curb your cravings


These two things should be avoided to great extent because they   hinder the intake of folic acids and calcium in the body.


The fat requirements in the body are only 5-10 % during pregnancy diet. But our daily intake is much more then this, usually our diet contain 20-25 percent fats. so it will just make your body fat  and  make  the delivery difficult.


There are many food additives, which have many preservatives and food colors. These food additives just bulk of diet and have no significant good effects on baby growth. In spite of this they cause harmful effects on the body so these should be avoided as much as you can for healthy pregnancy diet growth of baby.

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