Easy Homemade Beauty Tips for Face Glow In Summer


Easy Homemade Beauty Tips for Face Glow In Summer ; treatments are always considered as the best solution to fulfill the beauty needs.  Here are some of the best homemade beauty tips for face glow that will help you keep your skin fresh, beautiful and glowing in sunny days.Easy Homemade Beauty Tips for Face Glow In Summer

Easy Homemade Beauty Tips

When we are talking about beauty, we can say that long hair always become an attraction for people. Every woman wants her hair to be long and strong. The homemade beauty tips, tricks and secrets are not too much difficult or expensive. They are most of the times very simple and easy if anyone is willing to do them on regular basis.Banana & Honey Mask

Banana & Honey Mask

Honey is well known for its skin moisturizing properties while banana provides the skin cells a complete nourishment. The combination of the two ingredients rejuvenate the dead cells, maintains skin elasticity and adds a natural glow to your face. The recipe is too easy; mash ripped banana and mix it with two or three tablespoons of organic honey. Apply it to your face and neck; keep it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face with tepid water.Sugar & Lemon Scrub

Sugar & Lemon Scrub

You must have tried several over-the-counter face scrubs to exfoliate your skin. Today, try the homemade sugar & lemon scrub that is not only budget-friendly but also more efficient than the commercial ones. Put 2-3 tbsp. of granulated sugar in a small bowl, add 1.5 tbsp. of lemon juice in it and mix well. Apply this concoction to your rough skin areas and gently massage in circular motion for few minutes. After that wash off with cold water.Potato & Cucumber Mask

Potato & Cucumber Mask

Applying potato and cucumber for 10-15 minutes is also one of the most effective homemade beauty tips for face glow. Grate peeled potato and cucumber and then mix both constituents thoroughly. Spread it on your face and neck and wait for about half hour before rinsing off. This most effective Easy Homemade Beauty Tips in summer.Vinegar & Horseradish Treatment for Dark Spots

Vinegar & Horseradish Treatment for Dark Spots

The concoction of vinegar and horseradish offers a perfect treatment for removing dark spots and patches. Extract the juice of some horseradish, add a few drops of apple cider vinegar into it and mix well. Application of this mixture for 15 to 20 minutes remove all kinds of dark spots, scars and patches.

Follow the above mentioned homemade beauty tips for face glow along with a proper skin care regime and healthy diet to attain maximum results Keep on reading on this page for more beauty tips.