Easy Mehndi Designs For Hand for Eid


Easy Mehndi Designs For Hand for Eid are available for hands, feets ad other parts of the body and it is very famous in throughout the world. Pakistani henna designs are resembled with the Arabian style mehndi. Latest designs mehndi for hands includes the different artificial colors are present in simple henna.

When we plucked out the Henna leaves and then dried these leaves and then gring these leaves in the grinder and it will become a powder form and then we enters the water in this powder and mixed with some spoon or some stick it will become a paste and then we make a plastic paper cone and we enter the whole matter in it and then applied it on our hands and our feets.

Easy mehndi designs or henna designs there is one popular design present which is named as petals and other geometric designs. Many people makes the flower designs on the hands and feets and colored the petals of that particular flowers with blue or red colored and these are all artificial color which is applied on hands and feets.

Easy Mehndi Designs can be seen below