Easy Steps to a Perfect Daytime Makeup Look


Easy Steps to a Perfect Daytime Makeup LookApplying makeup is an art. When it comes to makeup look, different events and times call for different looks. For instance, for daytime soft and subtle makeup works the best while nighttime allows you to play with bolder, darker shades. In this article, I’ll teach you how to create a perfect daytime makeup look.

Cleanse Your Face

First of all, wash you face to ensure that no dirt and grime is present on your skin before you start with makeup application. Those having oily skin should use an astringent for cleansing purpose in order to get rid of excess oil that in collaboration with sweat can ruin their daytime makeup look.

Prep and Prime

As it is day time, wearing sunscreen is indispensable. After cleansing, apply enough sunscreen allover your face to keep the harmful sunrays from damaging your skin. Follow it up with a concealer to hide any skin flaws like dark rings and scars etc and foundation to create a smooth finish.

Powder Up

After you are done with sunscreen, concealer and foundation application, with a wide-headed fluffy brush dust a little powder to set the makeup. This will absorb any excess oil and thus prevent a greasy finish.

Apply Compact

Follow the powder up with compact. Use a compact one shade darker than your foundation or face powder to bring glow on your skin. Don’t be aggressive while working with the compact. Simply dab compact puff onto your skin and then blend it in using long strokes.


A natural, daytime look is incomplete without Blusher. Pick off a blusher one shade darker than your natural coloring. As a general rule, use pink blusher if you’re a fair-complexioned gal and go for brown or tea rose blusher if your complexion is more on darker side. Smile in front of the mirror to bring out the cheek bones and then apply blusher making long strokes.

Eye Makeup

Eyes play an important role in daytime makeup look. As you’re after a soft, subtle daytime-apt look, use neutral eyeshadow on your lids. Do moderately thick lining of upper lid with a black or brown eyeliner and top off the look with single mascara coating.


Delineate your lips with lighter browns, pinks, purples or beiges. Add one coat of lip-gloss finally.

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