Eat For Perfect Skin [ II ]


Eat For Perfect Skin [ II ]-We were saying that sugar is bad for your skin, but good fats are good in Eat For Perfect Skin and here are some more foods that are good for your skin.

Curry Is Good : – Turmeric, also called curcumin is one of the main and most important part of many is curries and it is very good to reduce skin irritation and according to a very authentic research turmeric is very good to get photo protection in skin and if you want to supple and smooth skin then you need to add some good spice and some other ingredients that Indians eat and add in their curry powder and that will help you maintain an healthy digestive system which is a indirect way to get healthy beautiful body and skin, spices are very good for your skin, if you have seen any Asian I bet you would think how lucky they are and how healthy and beautiful skin they have and spice has very deep impact in this healthy skin, Ginger and cinnamon, are best antioxidants possible and very good for anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce facial puffiness, spices like red or green chilies and other Asian spices are very good to maintain the healthy skin.

Eat For Perfect Skin [ II ]

Go Green For Smooth Skin: – if you just start eating healthy and fresh greens then you will see a big improvement in your skin and hair cause green are alkaline-forming foods and you can get all the healthy minerals with that food including calcium, potassium, and magnesium and green will naturally slowdown the detox functions and reduce skin irritation and flush toxins from your skin and help you get beautiful body and smooth skin if you just quit non Vegetarian food for one year then you will see a magical impact, trust me if you eat pure Vegetarian food you would not miss any single vitamin or mineral.

Eat For Perfect Skin [ II ]-0

Sun Protection: – it is good that you are using some healthy and some marvelous sun protections, but what if you sip them too, I am not saying that you should or you can drink sun protection lotions, you cannot, you should not, am just saying that if you try some herbal intake that will protect you from sun from inside out, ginseng root has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to treat damage caused by UV light and increase the amount of exposure needed to result in a sunburn when taken orally or topically and if you drink 2-5 cups of herbal tea you will feel much more stronger and healthier and it will deal with your sunburn perfectly. you still need to apply sun creams though
Best of luck.