Edgy Hair Styles Pictures of Short Haircuts 2014


Edgy hair are now a day trendy, according to the weather conditions. As long hairs are older hair they are difficult to handle and should be care with high quality products. The edgy medium hair has no such demands. They are attended with little effort but just the thing required is their maintenance as far as these cut is concerned. Medium edgy hair cut is in different trends. These may be either straight or may be curled. These hairs are also being worn with bangs.

Some cut have bangs which are easy to move and slide. You can change the direction of bangs according to the mood and occasion to have a sexy look. Here are some trendy styles for medium edgy hairs.

Latest Edgy Hair Pictures 2014



  • The bangs are full and chunky to eyebrow line and have a twist which may be added in it to frame the face near the cheeks at face bone. In this way these get a tapered appearance. Side sweeping bangs are also be carried with convenience and  give a trendy look , if some hair stylist is consulted he or she will give you a cut with either bang according to your face cuts.


Layers Hairstyles

  • Layering hair style is also very trendy and beautiful in looks. It is versatile not only in its handling but also for sexy appeal. It is more manageable on daily basis because have lesser weight. Layers can be added to the whole of the head and blended in each other to give a jaggy look or they may be only with front hairs to give a flip appearance at the front. These layers can be made curly or can be flickering according to your facial features.



  • This hairstyle with medium edgy hairs is also very easy and comfortable in managing. Another convenience in this style is that if you not do regular trimming you may leave it to grow and it will give you another contemporary style. It needs no special care you can just wash and blow dry to hair cut and go out.


  • These medium edgy hairs may become trendier if these are high lighted with colors either whole or with strands. The different coloring techniques add great beauty in them. They brighten up the style and bring life to the hairs.