With advanced hair removal techniques getting baby soft skin at home is just a cinch. Long are the days when razors and soaps were the only techniques to get rid of pesky unwanted hair. Today men as well as women have several techniques for DIY hair removal job which make it possible for you to complete the hair removal in the solitude of your home with extraordinary results.


The simplest and easiest hair removal technique is Depilatory or hair removing creams and mousses. The chemicals present in such type of products dissolve the hair from just underneath the surface and thus make its removal effortless. It is an ideal technique for those skin areas that are more susceptible to slightest of pain such as underarms.



Shaving is arguably the most used hair removal method wherein the hair is cut with the help of a razor blade. It is inexpensive and less time-consuming and is ideal for removing unwanted hair from larger skin areas like legs and underarms.

Although the offshoots are short term and hair grows back rather quickly, shaving is painless and convenient technique for at home hair removal job. It is imperative to use a good shaving cream to prevent razor burn or ingrown hair.

Plucking or Tweezing

Plucking or tweezing involves pulling out the hair with the help of a plucking tool or tweezers. The results produced by this technique are quite long term as the hair plucked from roots is less likely to re-grow soon. This hair removal technique is ideal for removing hair from eyebrows, chin and facial skin.


Waxing is another effective way to get rid of pesky facial hair at home. This hair removal technique involves application of a thin layer of wax allover the body and then pulling the hair out with the help of a cloth strip. Although waxing process can be quite painful but because of the effective and long term results it deliver a large number of women resort to this method to get the pesky hair removed.