Effective Tips to Help Acne Prone Skin


Acne Prone Skin is challenging to deal with. Though the exact cause of acne breakout is unknown yet, but the doctors and dermatologists believe that there are four factors that contribute to breakouts including bacteria, hormonal imbalance, pores clogging, production of excess oil and irritation. It isn’t an incurable condition however, with proper care you can help you acne prone skin a lot. Some fantastic skincare tips for acne prone skin are given here;


Though cleansing is imperative for every skin type, but it is highly important if your skin is prone to acne. Make sure to wash your face twice a day- once in morning once in evening- with a premium cleanser that suits your skin. Washing the face before bedtime is essential to take the grim and other impurities away that your face collects throughout the day and after waking up to get rid of extra oil that your skin produces while sleeping. Both these factors contribute to breakout by clogging the pores.


No matter what is your skin type, moisturize your skin each time after you wash it since cleansing tends to leave the skin dry by robbing natural oil and moisture necessary for your skin. For this purpose, use a good quality moisturizer designed specially for your skin type.

Spot Treatment

Apply topical medications such as salycic acid or benzoyl peroxide over the blemishes. These medicines accelerate the healing process by drying out the bits.

No Picking

Curb the urge to pick or pop the blemishes if you want preventing aggravation of the condition. Zits are often filled with puss and when you pop or pick them, the puss oozes into the other pores, causing them to breakout as well.

Choose the Right Products

Markets are now flooded with a variety of skincare products making it hard for you to find the one that can really help your skin. So, whenever it comes to buy a product, pick the formula that is devised specifically for acne prone skin. Also take you skin type into consideration as some products are produced for the oily skin while some others are for combination or dry skins only.

Moreover, maintain healthy and balanced diet and drink plenty of water to keep your skin well-nourished and well-moisturized.