Eid Makeup Ideas On Eid Day


Eid Makeup Ideas On Eid DayMakeup is a vital part of ladies’ preparation for Eid day and all other special occasion. As all of us know this year Eid ul Fitar has been coming in extreme summers so it would definitely be hard for the females to carry heavy makeup comfortably, especially in the day time. Hence, it is a much wiser decision to keep the makeup as simple as possible. Here we present you an easy tutorial to do perfect simple makeup for Eid; check out:

One thing you’ve got to make sure is that your face is absolutely clean and dirt free before you start makeup as you want to get a lasting and tailor-made effect.


makeup Foundation

Start off your simple Eid day makeup with foundation. The color of foundation should be close to your natural skin tone and it should be applied and blended evenly to avoid a cakey appearance.


Concealer Foundation

Follow the foundation up with concealer. This magic product helps you create the illusion of flawless skin by hiding up any imperfections. The shade of your concealer has to be a little lighter than your foundation color. Apply the product and blend with your ring finger or a makeup sponge.

Eye Makeup

make up On Eid Day

The next step of your simple Eid day makeup is eye makeup application. First of all groom your brows; if they have been pulled out extensively, fill them up with an eyebrow pencil or powder eyeshadow. It is suggested not to use black eyebrow pencil since it may look too harsh.

Eyeshadow you use should complement complement your eye color as well as your natural skin tone. Using the darker shade, rim the edges of top eyelid and coat the rest of area with medium eyeshadow, stopping just underneath the brow bone. Use lighter eyeshade to paint the brow bone.

Finish off the eye makeup with black eyeliner and subtle coatings of mascara.


Eid Makeup Ideas On Eid Day-

Although underrated, blush is a magical product that gives your face an instant lift and glow. It comes in creme, gel and powder form. Whichever formula you opt to use, apply it just above or a little underneath your cheek bones, blending it well afterwards to avoid a clown-like look.



And lastly, accentuate your mouth with lippy or lip-gloss. The lip-color you use should match your outfit and also work well for your coloring. First apply the lipstick with the help of a lipstick brush, following it up with lip-liner of the same color as your lipstick. Apply the liner around the edges of the lips and you’re ready.