Eye Care In Summer


Eye Care In SummerEye Care In Summer – Eyes are the most beautiful gift of God and great blessing. With the eyes we see the world with all its beauties. These are to be looked after by using our all energies. Summer season is an intense season due to hot flushes of heat as well as due to great shine of sunshine. It is worse for eyes if you are doing job outside the house or to have to do field work. As you protect your skin from the UV rays during the intense summer you should also to protect your eyes by wearing the sun glasses.

Though it gives to be a modern look but at the same time it will save you from eye   problems due to severe heat of summer. Usually it also save you the appearance of wrinkles in between the eye brows  which develop when you  squeeze your eyes to  see in brighten lights or sun shine. These lines become permanent with the passage of time and give the furious look to your facial features.

So you can protect your eyes in summer or by the brightened sunshine by following ways:

  • Always buy sunglasses which give you 100% protection from UV rays. All brands not offer this, so check the standard brands for this.
  • While going outside either it is cloudy in summer not to forget to wear the sun glasses, because now your eyes are exposed to more brightness and larger to focus. It will create sometime pressure on the eye nerves especially when you are used to stay indoor for long period.
  • Try to wear them sunglasses with larger outer frames and lenses, so that the UV radiations not enter to your eyes and provide shield to your eyes.
  • Use polarized sunglasses as they offer great at reducing glare from reflective surfaces such as water or wet surfaces making them perfect for sporting activities or driving, otherwise there is squinting of eyes at these harsh glare areas.
  • Choose the sun glasses with photo chronic lenses, which get darken at high intensity of UV lights. There are certain lenses with photo chronic coating that works well for both outdoor and indoor activities.


After coming indoor from outside activities make your eyes relax by closing them.

Keep the slices of refrigerated slices of cucumber to give them soothing effect after the intense lights?

Splash the cold water at the eyes also to brighten your vision and remove the dirt.