Top 9 Eye Care Tips


Eyes are the most precious gift of God in human body, which colors the life. The eyes are the reflection of ones state of health and mind. Everyone desires to keep them glowing with healthy and natural looks. However, often it is felt that people leave sight of caring for them and thus results into compromising on this precious gift.

Eye care is part of life as your health care or skin care may be and truly speaking it demands a very little care of it in routine life no matter how delicate this organ may be. One can only understand its importance if he / she just think for a while, what he is not having healthier eyes. The world would be darker; the beauties would be useless for him/her.

Here I am going to narrate a few basic tips for eye care as under;

  • Dip cotton pad in a bowl of water in the night and leave it there. In morning, strain it and add an additional cup of water and then splash it on your eyes.
  • Rose water is very effective as far as eyes are concerned. You might like to add a few drops of caster oil into it. Soak cotton pad into it and then put it on your eyes keeping them there for 10-15 minutes. It will fresh your eyes and shall keep them healthier.
  • Liter tea solution is also very effective; you may splash cool solution or put cotton pad soaked in solution on to your eyes for 20 minutes or so.

If you are working lady, and specially if working on computer like tasks, you are required to give a rest to your eyes after an interval of maximum one hour. This is going to avoid dark circles around your eyes.

Must follow the tips given below to keep your eyes healthier and glowing;

  1. Always use fresh running water to wash your eyes and sprinkle water into your eyes while taking bath or face wash.
  2. Vitamin rich foods like egg, fish and papaya are very good for your eyes, keeping them healthier and brighter. These must be included in your routine life.
  3. If you really desire avoiding dark circles around your eyes, giving aged and weak looks, you must keep slices of potatoes of cucumber on your eyes daily for half an hour.
  4. Get cotton pad soaked in milk and wash closed eyes all around with it.
  5. Get some ammla dipped into water over night and in morning you can use this water splashing into your eyes.
  6. If you feel that your eyes start running or feel redness in the eyes in routine life you must consult your physician and ask for appropriate eye drops. Never let it go unattended.
  7. In case if you have puffy eyes you can use potatoes with its peel and rub it slowly and slightly around your eyes.
  8. Palming may be done for soothing effect in your eyes. Rub your both palms until these get hotter and then put them onto your eyes.
  9. If you are applying cosmetics on your eyes, then after the requirement is finished, use plenty of water to get them washed.

Eyes are the precious gifts and have wonderful jobs to perform, other than mere eye to eye connections that just reach to heart and penetrate into the whole body.