Eye Make Up for Almond Eyes


Eye Make Up for Almond EyesEye Make Up for Almond Eyes – It is source of great potential to enhance what is unique in your facial feature .It is your identity what is the special shape of your eyes and how do you make up them by using the different make up techniques. The eye make up you apply is the way to express your mood, your style and your individuality.

The almond shape eyes are common and creative with make up can be made deeper and intense. These eyes have upswept lift at the outer corners. This eye shape is more symmetrical as compared to other eye shapes and different eye shadows work on them with great look. The celebrity Rihanna (a fashionist and singer) has this eye shape, and seen in using the eye shadows in different combination.


  1. Groom the eye shape by properly arching the eye brows in nice and neat way. While shaping the eye brows gives more volume near the inner corners of the eyes.
  2. Apply the neutral color eye shadow from the lash line to the brow bone.
  3. Next to apply the medium shade eye shadow at the crease and blend it well up to the brow bone.
  4. After this apply the darkest eye shadow of the same shade at the outer corners of the   eyes.
  5. Apply the eye liner of the soft color at the  upper lash line, if you want to give the effect of round shape then not extend the liner out ward just leave it at the outer corner of the eyes .The liner will be thicker at the center of the  upper lid  beautify the almond shape.
  6. Now apply mascara at the upper and lower lashes with emphasis at the outer corners.

By following the above steps make your almond shaped eyes stunning and go forth with lot of fun.