Eye Makeup for Dark Skin


eye makeup for dark skinEye Makeup for Dark Skin – Eye makeup for dark skin is really a bit difficult task. Earlier the dark skin tone is liked and said to be gorgeous look. But now the trends changed and most of the cosmetic products are prepared for fair skin complexion. The best makeup is achieved after the careful selection of shades. The selection of shades depends upon the skin tone .If it coordinates with the skin tone it will surely add much to the beauty.

The following eye makeup tricks with dark skin tone flatter the other facial features.


The use of the purple shades adds the beauty of the feature. The purple shades are used at the top lid. If some glittery touch is added to it then it will surely enhance the beauty.

The brow bone is high lighted with the silver or golden glittering creams. Use the thick black line at the inner rim of the eye lids to define the shape of the eyes.


Coral eye shades are again the best selection of feminine look. Dark skin tone with the coral eye shades gives the fabulous look. The liner which matches the eye color tone will create the alluring effect to the eyes.


Golden eye makeup is the secret for the looking lovely for many months. It will surely works for the warm skin tone. Golden with black eye liner and mascara will add much to the beauty of this feature.


The shades of blue from light to dark when used carefully to the eye lids it will give the attractive look to the eyes with dark skin tones. It is paired with black shades of mascara and eye liner. The eye liner used will be in black shades give the sultry appearance to the eyes with this dark skin tone.

Silver or light shades not give good look to the dark skin tone.