Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes & How to Apply Natural Makeup


Enhancing your eyes with makeup is an art. It is tough and tricky and it screams for enough practice besides e a steady hand. Moreover a wise selection of colors and shades depending upon your innate eye color says a lot in making the look ‘Wow’ or ‘No.’ Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

Here we are starting a series of makeup ideas for different eye colors. Today we will discuss eye makeup ideas for brown eyes!!!

Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes:

How to Apply EyeshadowEyeshadow:

A right selection of eyeshadow to amplify your pretty brown eyes might be a bit tricky. You cannot pick up a color just because you like it or it compliments your attire. You should consider the color of your eyeball instead for making a perfect choice. As a general rule, the fair skinned gals may settle on pastel colors whereas those having an olive complexion should go for rich and more vibrant hues. Eye Makeup Ideas

For the brown eyes shades like gray, taupe, lavender, amethyst, copper and misty green really look fabulous. A deep emerald shadow also makes the brown eyes stand out nicely.

Furthermore, the eyeshadow formula you choose to go for also effects your ultimate look. If you have dry skin go for gel or crème formulas and if your skin texture is oilier then it is much better to search for powdery eyeshadow.

HOW TO Apply EyelinerEyeliner:

A complimenting and contrasting eyeliner enhances the charm of the eyeshadow even more making it more appealing and attractive. Just think beyond the standard black or brown eyeliner and experiment with a variety of eyeliner shades to render your eyes a more defined look. When you have brown eyes shades of blue i.e. aqua, nay and midnight blues, indigo, moss green, teal and purple will work wonders for you. Put them on along the upper and lower lashes for a perfect look,Eye Makeup Ideas .


Finish your eye makeup look with thick coats of black or dark brown mascara.