Eye Makeup Ideas for Glasses


Eyeglass market is flourishing today and wearing eyeglass has become a symbol of style. No doubt, settling on the perfect size and style is very important but even more important is your eyes that lay behind these glasses.

Many people use glasses as an accessory just for adding flair to their personality but for some others eyeglass isn’t an accessory but an obligation. Due to a few medical reasons or other eye-related issues some people are obliged to wear eyeglass regularly.

Those who wear glasses regularly have to keep in mind that adjusting to certain rules or principles is necessary for them while choosing the right makeup, especially eye-makeup. If you follow some basic rules, the chances of making a makeup mistake will be reduced.

Eye Makeup for Eye Glass Wearers

For eyeglass wearers choosing the just right makeup is similar to accessorizing the dress, the frame has a big say in what color and style of makeup you should go for.

If you wear frameless or light-colored glasses, you can go for vibrant colors- obviously that are apt for the event. Vivid colors will draw attention to the natural color and shape of your eyes.

Those who wear colorful frames should stick to the muted, neutral shades as the vivid and strong shades will top the effect of your frames.

Makeup for Nearsighted Women

Tips for nearsighted women

  • For the nearsighted people the eyeglass minimizes the appearance of the wearer’s eyes therefore they should use to eye makeup to make their eyes look bigger.
  • If you are nearsighted you should decide on the shades that will put emphasize on your eyes- such as pink, white or browns.
  • The eye-liner is essential for you, try out cat eyes and extend the ‘wing’ beyond the lash-line.
  • Put on a pale, glittery eyeshadow in the inside corner of the eye to open up your eye thus make them appear bigger.

Tip for farsighted women

  • For the farsighted people, the eyeglass magnifies the wearer’s eyes, therefore the matte, darker or neutral will work the best for them.
  • Use a little bit darker eyeshadow shade in the fold of the eye but never use bright or glittery colors or you will magnify your eyes any further.
  • Blend the colors well otherwise the flaws and imperfections too will be magnifies by the eyeglass lenses.