Eye Makeup Tips for Mature Women (Part 1)


The aging factor can’t diminish females’ natural desire of looking beautiful. That’s why both mature and young women never forget applying makeup while getting preparation for any special event. Selecting an apt eye makeup is necessary to play up your look. There are several ways of eye makeup application from the color wash eye makeup technique to smoky eye makeup. The suitable alterations in eye makeup products and application techniques are must to be adopted by women according to their age.

The mature women should avoid wearing too much eye makeup as it can give them a messy look. The appearance of visible wrinkles, fine lines and under eye circles is very common problem in the age of 50s. At this stage, the main focus of eye makeup should be camouflage all these skin issues. For the right eye make up, not only the perfect selection of eye-makeup constituents is necessary but impeccable application is also important.

Eye Makeup Tips for Mature Women (Part 1)

Eye Makeup Application Tips for Mature Women

  • As I have mentioned in above lines, a dark eye makeup can give the older women a messy look. So, you should be careful while selecting and applying eye makeup products. Don’t use colored eyeliner and dark eye shadows if you want to attain a stubble and charming look.
  • The initial step of any kind of eye makeup is preparation of eyes. Cleanse your eyelid and the area around eyes perfectly and then apply a good-quality eye primer. This will prevent your eye makeup settling on the wrinkles or fine lines.