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Eye Makeup Tips for Mature Women (Part 2)

The mature women should select the light hues of shades with a satin or pearl finish. These shades do well to open up the eyes, giving them attention-grabbing look.

  • As the women ages, her skin begins to los its natural elasticity. That’s why saggy skin and droopy eyes are common issues on the age of fifties. To camouflage the droopy eyes, the most effective technique is applying a bit of highlighter on external corners of eyes.
  • If you are worried due to under-eye dark circles or eye bags, use a tiny amount of concealer to hide them. Just dab the concealer on the affected area, don’t rub it. After applying the concealer and blending it properly, use a generous amount of translucent powder to set it.

Eye Makeup Tips for Mature Women (Part 2)


  • The mature women should prefer liquid eye liners instead of pencil liners. Grab the liquid eye liner and draw a thon line close to the lash line. By this way, you can give your eyes a larger look.
  • Mascara plays a significant role in every kind of eye makeup. Choosing a good quality mascara is key to do a perfect eye makeup. Before applying the mascara curl the eye lashes with the help of eyelash curler.
  • If you have thin eyelashes, try to choose lengthening and volumizing mascara. It will give your lashes a voluminous and thicker look. While applying the mascara, firstly apply it on the lower lashes and then on the top lashes. Don’t blink your eyes until the mascara dries well.

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