Eyelash Care Tips for Strong, Healthy Lashes


Eyelash Care Tips for Strong, Healthy LashesEyes are the most valuable and beautiful gift of God and so are the lashes. Our lashes provide enough support to those eyes and enable use to blink them.
Beautifying the eyes with makeup is an evergreen vogue followed women allover the world. But at-times women unintentionally harm their lashes during this beautification process. They forgot to take off mascaras before going to bed or they pull out their lashes while removing falsies, leading the lashes to become fragile and easily breakable.
To maintain the beauty of eyes, it is very important to take proper care of the eyelashes.

Here are given some helpful tips for eyelash care:

Minimize the use of cosmetics

Although, it’s quite hard to resist the urge of beautifying the peepers with makeup, but if really love your lash-strands and want to keep them healthy all the time, avoid using cosmetics onto your eyes as far as possible. However, if indispensable, use quality products. Be it the eyeliner or mascara; never look for the cheap and doubtful cosmetics. They will cause more damage than good to your eyes and eyelashes.

Use Strengthening Serum

Treat your lashes regularly with a strengthening serum. A lash-strengthening serum not only strengthens lash roots but also adds volume and fluff to them.

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Remove Mascara Immediately

This eyelash care tip is especially about taking the mascara product off as soon as possible. If you need to wear mascara for whole day, make sure to give your lashes break for a while. Take the mascara off and then reapply it after some time. Leaving mascara on for longer span of time make your lashes weak and fragile that are more likely to fall out.

Don’t Use Falsies

No doubt, Falsies give your super-gorgeous and stunning look in a jiffy but they also damage your natural lashes a lot. The fake lashes are usually applied with the help of especially-formulated glue and in attempt to remove the lashes you unintentionally pull a few of your real lashes out. So to avoid the loss of eyelashes, it advisable to stay away from the falsies; and if necessary get them applied and removed from a professional.

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Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Rubbing the eyes is a loud no for healthy eyelashes. Many people have this unhealthy habit; some people even rub their eyes to take the makeup off. However, this may lead to eyelash-lose and your lashes tend to appear scanty over a period of time. So, if you’ve managed to develop this harmful habit, get rid of it ASAP.