Eyes Care Tips


By now you must read my article written on “Eye care tips” and must be fully conversant with the fact that eyes are the most precious gift of nature. In this article I shall just enumerate a few facts, which you should care for eyes and which you must avoid.

  • You must visit your practitioner (Eyes Specialist) at least once in two years if you do not have any eye problem. For children, the frequency should be once in a year and same is true for people having age of 40 plus.
  • While doing study, ensure proper light. Avoid shadow of your hands or face on the book. And while writing, if you are right hander the lamp should be on left and vice versa.
  • Try to use white light while doing study, since it leaves better effect on eye sight.
  • If your job requires concentrating on something like computer or book, do give some rest to your eyes after an interval of lets say 1 hour.
  • Do focus the brightness and contrast of your TV and computer screens.
  • While working in some workshop or on fireworks etc, do put on safety glasses to avoid damaging your eyes.
  • Do wear sun glasses while moving out in the sun.
  • Do wear safety glasses while driving bikes or going out on fast moving machines like open roof cars / vehicles.
  • Do wear glasses while doing swimming in chlorinated waters etc.
  • Before going to sleep, do splash plenty of water in your eyes.
  • While studying, do keep your eyes at a distance of at least 8-12 inches from the book.
  • While watching TV, do keep your eyes minimum at distance of 8 – 10 feet from screen.

Must take sound sleep to keep your eyes healthy;

  1. Don’t use others soap, eye related cosmetics and towels even.
  2. Don’t use eye make ups very frequently.
  3. Don’t wipe your eyes with dirty clothes or hands.
  4. Don’t carry out self medication, specially related to any problem of eyes.
  5. Don’t study from documents / books in which the font sizes are very small or not very clear.
  6. Don’t read while traveling on basses or cars since these do not let the eye sight get stable on the object.
  7. Don’t look directly into the sun or shinning materials.