Eyes Make Up 2011


Eyes are the most emerging feature in our looks. The beautiful eyes are the valuable gift of the nature, but if this feature is not prominent on your face then no worry: these can be made attractive by using the latest eye accessories and make up techniques. There are skillful beauticians working to give this feature the most prominent look by using their master minds. Now a day the eye make up used with pastel shades and bright eye make up is also “in” among trend setters.

  • While choosing the eye make up consider your skin tone as well as eye shape. If these are handled with care then no doubt your both eye make up will make you prominent in whole crowd.
  • The gold and silver tones of eye shades always remain in fashion but now a day these are used with metallic shade touch.
  • For bright eye make up the green, yellow and lavender eye shadows are also used. Brighter and warm colors usually suits to every one and give the charming look to the personality when suitably applied on eye lids. The pastel shades are used by all ages and give brighten complexion and soft touch to the personality.
  • Faded and Smokey eye make up is also giving you different look. The eyes feel drowsy with glam. This eye make up also look fabulous if applied for night formal functions.
  • Natural eye make is also in trend when you have to be informal place. The natural skin colored eye shadows is used. Taupe, golden brown, beige, light pink shades are used at the lids to give them sexy and fresh look
  • Usually the eye shades are applied in triangular style from outer corner of eyes toward the eye brows. Then these are blended with natural colors.
  • Eyes make up make your self personality with radiant look if done skillfully.