Eyes Make Up | Humid Atmosphere


eyes-make-up-humid-atmosphereEyes Make Up | Humid Atmosphere  – Hot humid environment creates great uneasiness in doing make up in nicer way. The sweat producing glands are more active and the make up smear off easily. Same is the case with eye makeup.

The following measures are taken to avoid such annoying conditions and give the radiant glow to the eye makeup.

  • Before doing eye make up cleanse your skin with wet tissues.
  • Apply the primer before to start the makeup; it will help to stick the makeup to the surface and make the skin smooth and even by covering the pores of the skin.

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  • The foundation should be used will be oil free and with no shine or dewy appearance. The best selection is the use of mineral foundation. It is applied with sponge applicator or with the large make up brush.
  • Apply the oil free concealed at the blemish areas or at the dark circles under the eyes. It is not rubbed but applied in dab and with pores of fingers spread to conceal the dark areas much rubbing causes the stimulation of oil glands to secrete excessively.

Beauty Tips For Beautiful Eyes-

  • Use loose powder or talc to remove any grease or oil from the skin. It will absorb the moisture from the skin and keep it smooth.
  • Before applying eye shadows again use primer at the lids to avoid the smudging or flowing down the eye shadows.
  • Eye shadow is of water based and applied in light colors. It is best to use the thin layer of eye shadows. Powder eye shadows are best instead of creamy eye shadows.

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  • The eye liner used is not wax based but liquid eye liner is used along the lash line. Again the eye liner is used in thin line.
  • At the end the mascara is used to give the final touch to the eye lashes. It should be water proof and applied in one or two coatings. The heavy coats of mascara give the smudging look after some time in humid environments.


Follow the above tips and enjoy the humidity of rains.