Fabulous Makeup Tips for Asian Girls


Fabulous Makeup Tips for Asian GirlsThe makeup up tips and tricks usually come in handy. But when it comes to Asian girls, finding out the right makeup tips that can really deliver desired results is not less than a challenge. The reason is, this stuff is not as ornately addressed as the others are. If you’ve got tired of some fab makeup tricks for you, this article can help you out a lot as it contains some five wonderful tips for Asian girls. Check out the tips!!!!

Avoid Pinks

The first and foremost tip for Asian beauties is to stay away from the makeup with pink undertones, except blusher. You want to emphasize natural skin color with makeup, so, a little concealer with green undertones combined with a foundation that has some green would be better.

Prime First

As always, you need to start with an evenly primed skin. You can use a specialized primer for this purpose. This will actually set your makeup ensuring beautiful look all day long. Follow the primer up with a little translucent powder to set the product in place and suck up any excess oil.

Go for Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is the finest option when it comes to pick makeup products for Asian skin. Mineral cosmetics get absorbed a little better and take away the shine Asians usually have on their face. Moreover, the mineral makeup is also best at covering up the imperfection over the Asian skin.


Picking off the right eyeshadow color that can work best for the Asian girls is a really daunting task. When it comes to pop up the small, narrow Asian eyes and make them look really stand out, navy, grays and browns are the colors to go for. Just a little swipe along your eyelids and you’ll see how brighter and beautiful your eyes look in no time.


Last but not the least, the blusher!!! Soft pinks and purple are the blushers for Asian skin tones. The trick is not to overdo with it; a little blusher when applied properly can go a long way.