Fabulous Makeup Tips for Uneven Skin-Tone


Fabulous Makeup Tips for Uneven Skin-toneThose experiencing uneven skin tone, always seek some tricks that can help you create an even, smoother skin. I have compiled a few fabulous makeup tricks for uneven-skinned gals out there. Scroll down to explore the tricks and then give them a go if you feel they can work for you.

Prime It

The first and foremost makeup tip for uneven skin tone is to start with a nicely primed skin. You may want to use a primer for this purpose. Pre-primed skin tends to hold the makeup for long and thus gives you more gorgeous look. Begin with an eye primer to prime the eyes and then go with a full face primer.

Use Foundation

Foundation is another product that ensures a completely ‘even’ complexion. It should be used after the primer. Picking off the right foundation shade and thorough blending are the only secrets to create a smoother finish with foundation
Mask up Imperfections
If you have a lot of patches of uneven skin-tone or any skin flaws, make sure to mask them up with a little concealer, thereby you’ll be able to blend everything into each other perfectly.

Powder Up

After you’ve dealt with foundation and concealer, you need to set it with a little amount of loose powder. Besides making the application lasting, the powder will suck up excess oils and thus eliminate the shine you might have on our face.

Highlighting can Work

When you have uneven complexion, it might be a bit challenging to call attention off the complexion and towards anything else unless you highlight. Highlighting the cheekbones can really brighten up your entire face, allowing your skin to appear even and gorgeous!


Contouring is another excellent way to hide uneven coloring. You may want resort to bronzer and blusher for this purpose. Add a little bronzer along cheekbones and then blusher cheek apples and see the difference it makes!!!!