Face Pack For Summer [ I ]


Face Pack For Summer [ I ]If you are getting ready for summer then you need to get some help too, you need to keep your body hydrated too and you need to start some healthy food too, it is summer the season of all healthy fruits and vegetables use them and get some healthy the body and heart too and keep your system good and with all these things you need to try these packs.

we are sharing some face packs with you guys and you just need to see which one is good and suitable for you , you just need to look after your skin in these days as you can get havoc on the skin, tanning, pigmentation, early ageing and many many more and they all are pretty permanent effects and it is really very hard to get rid of these completely and you will end up with a dull, tried and sallow looking skin without any kind of appeal and beauty.
These are some face pack for you.

Mint pack: – this is one of the best face packs for summer and you just need to take, fresh mint, turmeric powder and some lukewarm water, use fresh past of mint leaves and then add some turmeric too and mix it will worm water and apply that over your face for 15 minutes and then wash it with chilled water.

Cleansing milk: – we know that there are lots of branded cleansing milks are available in the market, but if you know that there is nothing better than real original milk to clean your face, so just get some hot milk and some cotton and you are ready to clean your face, if you use worm milk it will not only clean your pores deem down too, but it will help your skin texture too.

Almond oil therapy:- I bet there is nothing better than a essential oil therapy for dry skin, you just need to see which one is good for you and if you ask me then I would say that the best one is almond oil with the natural Vitamins and minerals, you can use it with so many ways, but for best skin texture you just need to take few drops of worm oil and massage your face with it for few manures and after that just wipe it off with wet worm towel and that is the best cleaning possible.

Soya beans or lentil pack is one of my all season pack, Soya beans are rich in isoflavone which means it will slow down the aging immediately and if you don’t know how good lentil is for your pores than try it once and you will know that, you just need to mix 50 grams soya beans or red lentil with running water and some almond oil if you have try skin or milk if you have normal skin, you need to make a fine past of these ingredients and then apply that over your face and let it dry and then scrub it off, you will not only see some difference ion your skin, but you will see some very good results too.

Cucumber For Summer, I don’t know about you but I love cucumber in summer not only as a food, drink, but I like it as a face pack too for so many reasons, it is good for skin issues, its cool and it is refreshing and it make your skin feel so good and healthy, you can try some fresh tomato pulp for your face too, and you can make a mixture of these two things too. Read Face Pack For Summer [ II ]