Facial Serum To Remove Wrinkles


Facial Serum To Remove WrinklesToday we are going to make you a bit opened minded and before I start with that I just want to ask you one simple question have you ever applied any kind of mask made with seaweed on your face? Have you ever thought that you could actually get all the healthy benefits of sea with that simple serum?

Let’s try it and if you don’t tike it you can always come back to your regular anti aging products.

You need to add 1/2 cup of Irish moss or see weed in 1 1/3 cups Water and then add one tablespoon of Vitamin C powder and mix it very well till you see a smooth green serum, you can use a blender for that too, you need to keep it in a dark and glass jar with air tight lid on it and you can use it for next 2 weeks and it will show a drastic change in your wrinkles and aging.

There is a another way to treat your aging too and that is a Vitamin C serum that you can make at your own house with your own hands, you just need to dissolve two tables of Vitamin C in one table spoon of rise water and then add two drops of Vitamin E and A each in it and mix it well and then you just need to keep this mixture in sunshine for three hours, but make sure you are using a small air tight dark glass bottle for that and then after that you can keep it in your refrigerator and use it within three days, just take a small amount of this serum in your hand and massage your face and neck shoulders with that and after that whip it off with wet hot towel and you will love the result in the morning.