Facial Treatments


How to get youthful rosy skin to facial care, it’s really a matter of attention. Because skin is passing through changes round the clock. The oily glands, the skin pigments, skin muscles all are passing through the series of changes in it. As we are young we have no care for this because our skin has youthful appearance in itself but as we cross our 30s we get anxious when we see wrinkles around our lips or under our eyes. What to-do now. If still not facial care to our skin then skin muscles loose their elasticity and become loosened and fats under the skin get reduced and it become loose. Oh we are getting older day by day. It is investigated that 80% photo aging occurred at the age of 18. But its effects appear with every decade if we neglect it continuously.

The presence of AHA [alpha hydroxide acids} are essential for maintaining facial care beauty. These AHA comes from certain fruits. These are found in many edible fruits such as pineapple, grapes, apples, and mangoes and even in milk. Here we have some fruits for your facial carel therapy and make you gorgeous from inside out.
This fruit has beautiful impact on skin facial care, It has two pigments in it the anti oxidant and papa in. The anti oxidant effect removes the toxin products from the skin and papain removes the inactive proteins and dead cells from the skin. Another beautiful effect of it on skin is that it has low sodium content so the water retention is low. It is help full in keeping the skin naturally hydrated. Simply rub the papaya on skin is helpful for damaged skin.
Apple is another marvelous skincare fruit. Due to anti oxidant in it removes the toxin products and helps in cleansing the skin facial care. It is also used for wrinkle free and glowing effects of skin. Make a paste of grated apples with honey and apply it on face it will give a beautiful soft smooth skin.
These fruits contain vitamin A for facial care. potassium and flavenoids. It is helpful in revitalization and hydrating epidermis. The anti oxidant effects recover the damage of skin and prevent the signs of aging. The use of the scrub of it with sugar used to unplug the dead cells of skin facial care.