Fall Season Makeup Tips

Fall Season Makeup Tips
Fall Season Makeup Tips for your beauty skin

Fall Season Makeup Tips Applying makeup during fall season is somewhat trickier because every shade and type of makeup doesn’t suit in this season. Natural showers can smudge the makeup at anytime so always opt for water-resistant cosmetics for fall makeup. Some more Fall Season Makeup Tips are given below; follow them and look beautiful………

Foundation in Fall Makeup

During the weather of rains using powder foundation instead of a crème one is a much wise choice. As everyone knows that skin pores get clogged when there is more humidity in air so the crème foundation further chock the pores that’s why always go for loose powder foundation. Most makeup and beauty experts recommend the use of natural color foundation shade in rainy season.

Fall Eye Shadows

It is advised not to use thick eye shadows in fall season. They look weird in rainy season as there is continuous hide and seek game between sun and rain. Besides, the eyeshadow can get blurred anytime. So, it’s wise to avoid putting on eyeshadow at all.

Mascara and Kajal for Fall Makeup

The possibility of getting drenched in rain during the weather of rains is always there that’s why eye makeup cosmetics for fall makeup are to be chosen wisely. As the rain water can easily blur the regular mascara and eye-liner, so, apply a water resistant mascara and eye liner. Translucent mascara and kajal are the ideal choices for a comfortable eye-makeup in Fall Season. Aqua blue, jade and coral greens are the ideal shades that can make you look fabulous in rainy season.

Blush for Fall Makeup

Shimmery and creamy blushers, which render you a patchy look, don’t look nice in Fall Season. Soft and delicate shades that are almost similar to your natural skin tone i.e. rose and browns are best shades for highlighting the cheeks in fall.

Fall Lip Gloss

Never use lip-gloss in rainy season because natural shower can drip down the lip-gloss thus cause a makeup mistake. Rather use water resistant lip liner and lipstick. Nude or light color lipstick shades are ideal for Fall Season Makeup Tips.