Find Flattering Fashion for a Pear Shaped Body

Find Flattering Fashion for a Pear Shaped Body
Find Flattering Fashion for a Pear Shaped Body

If your body is pear shaped, means the upper half of your body is petite by birth or because of losing weight and lower half is bulky, you may always eying for flattering clothing to bring out your upper body and disguising the lower half. Choosing a perfect dress for pear shaped body is a bit problematic but we have some tips to solve your problem.

Follow these tips; they will definitely prove helpful for you.

Accentuate Your WaistAccentuate Your Waist: If your body is pear shaped you will look best with accentuated waist. Waist can be accentuated with belt, scarf or other things. Simply tie any of these things around your waist; in this way the attention of he viewers will be drawn to most petite part of your body and upper half will look a little bigger.

Hide Your Problem AreasHide Your Problem Areas: If you believe the lower part of your body has many problems just try to hide them. However, you are not meant to buy baggy type and loose dresses to disguise the problem area. You should rather go for an outfit that can make your lower half look slimmer. It is wise not to sport body hugging skirts or too much tight jeans because it will add volume to your lower body making it look bulky. Flair cut pants and A-line shirts are good options for those who want to cover-up their problem areas.

Wear Dark Colors On Lower HalfWear Dark Colors On Lower Half: When it comes of choosing flattering colors for your body’s lower half’s clothing you should go for dark and profound colors such as dark brown, black, plum, gray or navy.

Avoid patterns on lower body as it will highlight your problem areas.