Five Marvelous Health Benefits of Green Tea


Five Marvelous Health Benefits of Green TeaGreen tea is a natural herb that is enjoying a widespread popularity down to its marvelous health benefits. From the initial times, people are using this herbal drink to enjoy its numerous wonders. Green tea is not only most effective for weight loss but also helps a human body combat against many severe diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, headaches and high blood pressure etc. It is also beneficial for maintaining health and natural glow of skin. For getting a brief info about the health benefits of green tea, scroll down and enjoy the read…

Weight Loss

Green tea may be your best friend if you are struggling to lose the extra ponds naturally. It boosts the metabolism rate that is helpful in healthy weight loss. The polyphenol present in green tea builds up the levels of fat oxidation. Another antioxidant ingredient Catechins works in reducing the fat around the abdominal region.


One of the green tea’s unlimited health benefits is that it regulates glucose level on human body. It slows down the raise of blood sugar after consuming any diet, which may be helpful in preventing high insulin spikes.

Cancer Preventation

It has been proved by research that use of green tea can help in decreasing the probable risks of cancer as this herbal drink is having the ability of killing the cancer cells without imparting any destructive affects to the surrounding tissues.

Heart Disease

Green tea assists you body combat against heart disease and high blood pressure. It prevents the formation of clots that is a main reason of heart attack. It also maintains the blood pressure in addition to decreasing the ratio of bad cholesterol in the blood and upgrading the good cholesterol.


Theanine – an amino acid – present in the green tea provides tranquilizing and relaxing effect to brain and help you fight against depression.