Flirty Summer Make Up Ideas


Natural beauty of course is most valuable gift of nature. But with the passage of time our exposure to the outer world is becoming more and unavoidable. So it is the demand of time to update our beauty according to the needs and demands of our social    get up.  Naturally every one wants to upgrade our alluring features. Beauty makeup tips provide the set of latest beauty instructions and guidelines to every one.


  • Skin tone.
  • Skin texture.
  • Occasion.
  • Type of event formal and in formal.
  • Dress design.
  • Time of occasion.

Analyze all these factors before to do make up in summer season.


  1. Now at the onset of warm season all the radiant and fabulous glow gets to be hidden with the excess heat rays and sweating.
  2. In summer season the oil based makeup is not used in and all the neutral colors are used and the bright colors are said goodbye due to the demand of season but may be used if the function is in eve or at night.
  3. Heavy make up clog the skin pores so the foundations used are of light texture with   compact powder to absorb the extra oil and sweat from the skin pores.
  4. In spite of foundations the light moisturizer with sun bock may be used. The translucent powder may also be used instead of foundation to protect skin from the summer oily shine.
  5. On lips the shimmer lip gloss is used instead of bright lipsticks usually the matte light shade are also in trend for casual places with shimmer   lip coating.
  6. Eye shades used are also of neutral colors with pinkish touch to create freshness in make up
  7. The black curling coating is done to give the impact of bigger eyes and longer eye lashes. The eye liner is applied only a fine line at lids with different colored eye liners according to the all over makeup.
  8. Cheek bones are also blushed with light pinkish blushers to give the flirty and sexy look in summer makeup.

The skills of applying all above are considered able to give the flirty makeup appearance.