Flutter Eyelashes


Flutter EyelashesThe eye lashes are the curtain of our eyes. These protect our eyes from undesired and harmful objects of nature but also give extra beauty to the window of soul the “eyes”. The eye lashes make us to express our unspoken feeling and to give the gorgeous look to our beauty. The thick and long eye lashes are the dream of every beauty and make sedative looking eyes. Some persons have these lashes thick and long by birth but some have to gain them by using beauty products. Those who have genetically long and thick eye lashes still need them to beautify to make them flutter.

There are certain measures to make them flutter and create sedative looking eyes:


Mascara plays the key role in making our lashes thick and giving the illusion of long lashes. The correct application of the mascara makes the lashes worthy. While applying the mascara it should be kept in mind that it will not clump the hairs of the lashes. It will be of good quality and must be changed after every three months.

It must not add here the strands of lashes together but to keep each strand separate from other,

The stains of mascara shade not to stay midway in the lashes strands but to be applied with tidy manner. It is best to apply the single coat of mascara at the lashes but if another coat is needed allow first to dry completely, otherwise smudging of lashes are seen.  Always start to apply from the base of the eye lashes and move upward toward free ends of the lashes.


The mascara wand should be selected with gentle rolling wand with soft touch. The   wand roll against the eye lashes in such a way that the accumulation of mascara stuff tangled in the lashes is not seen.


The curler also plays the effective role in making the eye lashes flutter, if these lashes are perfectly curled these will give the effect of long and dense but not to heat up your curler too much it will harm the delicate lashes .