Foods For Acne Treatment

Foods For Acne Treatment
Foods For Acne Treatment

In first thought acne and diet seems to have no relation but what we take inside will surely be shown in our outer looks. Acne is considered the result of hormonal fluctuations in the body as well as inefficient removal of toxins from the body. Both these factors are controlled by our diet plan which in turn play great role in our acne problem.

Here are certain foods which are thought to be good in acne treatments:


Before to move toward the minerals and vitamins which are used to cure acne we first pay attention about the role of water. Water removes the toxic substances from the body as early as nothing can do. It regulates many metabolic activities without any cost .It cleanses us from inside out and plays the vital role in our wellbeing. Drink plenty of water daily to overcome the problem of acne.


Acne are the inflammations at the skin which may be prevented by taking the anti inflammatory diets as papaya, green tea, turmeric, broccolis, berries, extra virgin olive oils, salmon, kelp and sweet potatoes. All these are much efficient in curing the allergic reactions and reliving the pains of inflammations.


GI or glycolic index is the standard of measurement of blood glucose level in the body by taking the food. It has been found that foods which have high glycolic index values increase the formation of acne and also causes the inflammations. Foods with high GI level has the value of 70 and increases the level of hormone insulin in the body which in turn causes the breakout at the skin. These foods also increase the secretion of oils from skin glands and block the pores.


Progesterone is the female hormone which stimulates the androgens to secrete more oil in the skin glands. This in turn clogs the pores and acne is produced. The milk of pregnant cow has enough quantity of this. Eliminating such milk or dairy products from diet will lowers the formation of acne on the skin. It may be replaced by soy milk or rice beverages which are synthetically loaded with vitamin D and calcium. So the deficiency of calcium is recovered by such artificial sources which are good substitution of milk.


It has been researched that animal proteins and animal fats create acne on the skin so these must be replaced with plant fats and plant proteins. Turn toward corn, safflower and sunflower oil and beans, legumes and nuts for proteins.