Foods for Beautiful Skin In Winter

Foods for Beautiful Skin In Winter
Foods for Beautiful Skin In Winter

Dry and dull skin is one of the annoying factors of winter season .In order to keep this at bay we have to do extra care for the glowing and supple complexion. There is the need of powerful line of defense against the dryness and ultra violet radiations damage .All this is required to keep the skin soft, glowing and wrinkle free.

Here are some foods which work well for giving the beautiful skin


All citrus foods as oranges, grape fruits, guava, tomatoes, peppers and grapes are abundant in winter season. These contain lycopene which is essential for the synthesis of smooth texture of glowing skin .Vitamin C is the prime skin care product in all skin creams. It is essential for the building of collagen and the reduced amount of it in the skin texture after the age of 35 make the skin saggy .It has also antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory characteristics to combat many skin problems. It stimulates the excretion of free radicals from the body and prevents the cells damage.


It is the pleasant feeling to drink the cup of hot coffee in winter. Inspite of giving you warmness it also make your skin fresh and decreasing the risks of skin cancer. A cup of caffeinated coffee in a day will reduce 10% the risk of melanoma cancer of the skin. It has amazing effects to provide the skin safety.


Eggs are liked by many of us especially in winter season. The consumption of eggs is increased especially if these are of organic origin. The egg yolk contains the lycopene and carotene like citrus fruits which protect the skin from the ultraviolet radiations. Another component leutin present in egg yolk is help full in preventing the degeneration of muscles caused with age. Eggs yolk is also essential for maintaining the tightness of the skin.


The sea foods are considered best option for smooth, younger and glowing skin. Most of us heard much about fish. It is the major component of “Mediterranean foods”. Oyster and fatty fish salmon do wonder for the skin .Zinc and omega 3 fatty acids present in it make it a super food for skin in winter season .Both of these reduces the dryness and inflammations of the skin.


The grains have sufficient quantities of rutin and vitamin B which are essential for clear , moisturized and rosy hues of skin .Whole wheat bread contain enough amount of rutin in it ., which will protect the skin from inflammations due to frozen winds of winter. Refined flour causes the insulin spikes which in turn stimulate the acne formations on the skin.
Few dietary changes in winter season make your skin as soft and moisturized as in normal temperatures of spring season. All these are delicious to taste buds and easy to eat.