Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth


Foods That Are Good for Your TeethFoods That Are Good for Your Teeth – Teeth like pearls are always liked and desired by every one.  We like children smile because of their teeth. What we eat effect to the overall health of the body. The teeth are also affected by our eating habits. When I was kid my parents forbid me to take sweets and candies   for the health of teeth. Now I get older but have strong and shiny teeth. It is all due to eating habits and proper teeth care and hygienic routine.

Here are some foods for dental health:

  • GREEN TEA: It is one of the great blessings of nature for us due to many potent benefits of it.  It is an antioxidant; prevent the formation of plaque and in turn reduce the risk of teeth decay and bad breath.
  • DAIRY PRODUCTS: In dairy products milk and yogurt offers for you a healthy snack which is rich in calcium. It prevents the tooth erosion and cavities formation.
  • FRUITS: Fruits when used in raw form again remove the plaque from the teeth and help in massaging the gums. The fruits which are rich in vitamin C hold our body cells together. Such fruits help in preventing the gums receding.
  • VEGETABLES: Broccoli, carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin are rich in vitamin A which is important for the formation of teeth enamel .If these are taken in raw form clean the teeth and massage your gums.
  • ONIONS: Onion has anti bacterial effects when taken in raw form killed the mouth bacteria and secures the teeth from infections.
  • CELERY: It is said to be the friend of dentists as it cleanse the teeth and massage the gums. With all this it stimulates the production of saliva which neutralizes the bacteria that cause the cavity formation.
  • SESAME SEEDS: These are rich source of calcium and help in keeping the jaw bone healthy and make the teeth strong.
  • PROTEINS: Proteins obtained from meat as beef, fish, and turkey are rich source of phosphorus which prevents the teeth decay. When it is combined with calcium and vitamin D it will help in maintaining the teeth healthy.