Foot Care Tips


The hot temperatures humid weather and damaging sun of summer brings along multiple problems for the health. The feet are not the exceptions. Putting feet into covered shoes, precipitating through out the day or keeping them open prone to dirt and dust; both are damaging and create multiple issues for feet. The most common of these is the “smelling feet”, which neither liked socially and results into reduced confidence and also results in poor health.

Here are a few very common tips to keep your feet healthy and beautiful;

  1. If you are compelled to keep your foot into shoes due to working environment, the precipitation results into fungal infections. The best option to deal with the situation is to wash them very frequently and ensure dryness before putting them again into shoes.
  2. Use appropriate foot powder, since this will absorb the moisture and thus shall reduce the growth of fungus and bacteria. There are numerous powders available in the market, either scented or unscented. Select the good one suitable for your foot and then use it in routine.
  3. If it is possible, try to keep your foot open by putting on open sandals etc, unless it is mandatory to wear closed shoes. The dirt might be damaging, but it is less ill effective as fungus and bacteria. Let your feet breathe in open like you feel good breathing in open.
  4. Never ever compromise on dirty socks and especially in summer once used socks must be properly washed before reuse. Dirty socks are the worst source of bacteria and fungus and thus smelly feet.
  5. If you get some time in the night or afternoon before taking nap get your feet massaged at least twice a week. This will help in maintaining good blood circulation in all parts of your foot and shall also keep them moisturized as required.
  6. Avoid wearing tight shoes, especially towards the toe since these might cause in growing nails and that could be very very dangerous for your foot and might end up in surgery of your nails, which is as painful as one can’t imagine even.
  7. If you feel that your heels are having cracks must apply ample cream before going to sleep and wash properly before application of cream and also in the morning. Some people also suggest wearing thick socks after applying cream but truly speaking I haven’t tried it, so I cant say whether its true or not.
  8. If you are very frequently using open sandals, try to keep changing the designs and also try to use the ones which should cover the complete foot from sun shine, otherwise a permanent white lines of straps are going to be left on foot depending upon the design of sandals.
  9. Once you are at home try to walk barefoot and this is going to be the best exercise for your summer foot care. But please sure that your floor is clean and is free of dust and germs.
  10. Keep trimming nails of your foot appropriately.
  11. In case you feel frequent pain in your feet must consult your doctor don’t take it lightly.

One must not forget that, the time he/she spends on caring on his/her face, the same care is also required for foot, since these carry you to place, where faces become evident.  It carries you for hundreds of kilometers carrying tons of loads of your body, but still if you do not care for these, won’t it be unjust.