Get Fairer Skin Complexion


Get Fairer Skin ComplexionSkin whitening is a type of cosmetic treatment that we are going to try on you and if you are one o these who thought that they will never get fair and flawless skin then try these things an you will get some marvelous results within a month.

First of all you need to look after your food and your hydration level and you need to see if you are eating healthy balanced food or not, nothing can make you look good if you are not in good condition inside, so get beautiful looks form inside out. Now we are going to start our beauty regime that you are going to follow to get fairer and flawless skin, you need to promise yourself that you will not use any kind of product and any kind of chemicals at all, they are not good for your body.

Now you need to take lime and some olive oil and massage your face and neck try some on your hands and feet too and let it there for 30 minutes and mean while you need to make some mild mask that you are going to use every day.
You need to add one table spoon of gram flour and one pinch of turmeric and mix it with milk try to get goat milk and now wash your oil lime massage with plain water and then rub your face with soft towel and apply that mask for 20 minutes and then scrub it off, now you need to apply some alum on your face and go to sleep.

In the morning you need to wash your face with gram flour mask and scrub it off with soft hands, try to use a fair completion mask every day and I am giving you these masks,Mask of sugar and lime and keep scrubbing till you see that sugar got dissolve completely and then wash your face after 10 minutes.

  • Try some goat milk and clay mask for 30 minutes every other day.
  • Use cucumber and fresh cream mask for glowing fairer skin.
  • Use lime juice with sugar twice a day and if you have time then try sandal wood mask every day.
  • A mask of poppy seed is very good for fair complexion.
  • Look after your skin and never every go out without sun block your eye cream, lip balm and eyeglasses and if you love yourself then try some serious look care to get flawless skin and body.