Get Holly Golightly’s Classic Look


Get Holly Golightly’s Classic LookToday we are going to talk about Holly Golightly’s Classic Look and as we know that makeup artist Sonia Kashuk and hair stylist Umberto Savone worked together to create a classic ’40s hair and makeup look and they shared some simple tips to Holly Golightly’s Classic Look so that you can try that look too, so are you ready to live that legendry look?

First of all we will see what was that which made her face so charming, sweet and sexy at the same time? Sonia Kashuk is using a fine and brownish Bronzer to entire face to get the soft and smoother look and then Sparkling Sands shades on the tops of the cheekbones to enhance the look as we know that Holly Golightly was one beautiful sleek looking woman with perfectly shaped cheeks and face cut and that is what she is trying to get with highlighters on the cheeks.

Get Holly Golightly’s Classic Look-

Defiantly matte shadow for the eyes and she is using chocolate and Cocoa for entire eyelid, and then add subtle shimmer at the brow bone and a bit of glitter over the matte color which will enhance the depth of eyes, but will keep the sexiness of the edges, and then Sonia is using some darker shades in the Eye lid to add definition at the lash line for a smudged liner look and then get form color to brows and some simple sharper and darker liner at the edges to give Holly Golightly signature look.

Holly Golightly had very beautiful shiny and smooth looking lips and Sonia is using classic red and plum Wine shades for lips and she is using a bit darker shade to enhance the lip lines which was a famous way of applying of lipstick in past.

Get Holly Golightly’s Classic Look-0

And now we will come to the point of best part of her look and that was her famous hairdo and that magical shine of her hair which used to make her brown hair even more beautiful and fascinate and for that Sonia is using Umberto Roman Oil Serum and her famous sideway bangs with high ponytail and her hair pin.

Don’t miss her cigarette and holder for perfect kook.