Home Remedies Beauty Tips How to Get Rid of Calluses


Home Remedies Beauty Tips How to Get Rid of Calluses, Get Rid of Calluses , Have you noticed the thick skin under your feet? Yes. This is called Callus This usually formed at the bottom of your foot where you are applying more pressure and friction. Callus formation is a natural mechanism for protecting the body against pressure and friction.

How to Get Rid of Calluses

Home Remedies Beauti Tips How to Get Rid of Calluses

Here some information why calluses appear.

1.      Wearing high-heeled shoes

2.      Wearing shoes that are too tight fit

3.      Excess weight due to obesity

4.      Abnormal walking style

5.      When you have a single leg

6.      Have a high arched feet

7.      The loss of your stack at the bottom of the feet

Here some information why calluses appear

CALLUSES can be annoying;

For immediate relief from pain caused by bunions, you can use products such as float gel insoles. These pads can be used in your shoes to get the necessary repairs. This is made from quality slab gel, which absorbs the pressure shock and relieve your pain.

However, it is very easy to get rid of them, Following 3 steps should be taken:

1)      Keep the pressure on problem areas

2)      Remove corns and calluses

3)      The prevention of corns and calluses

Step 1, Wear comfortable shoes, apply protective belt problem.

Wear comfortable shoes, apply protective belt problem

Step 2,

  • Take the pumice stone and rub your calluses with her. Good start to rub off.  Be gentle so as not to damage your skin. Rinse the pumice stone to make the particles of dead skin resources.
  • Use a lotion. Just rub away calluses, use lotion to keep your skin soft.
  • Buy a solvent cal. Options include the power to remove calluses or lotion.

remove callusesStep 3.

  • Bathe regularly. Make sure you’re in the bathroom long enough for the fingers of your wrinkles. Rub your fingers with a pumice stone.
  • Take your vitamins for healthy feet. Deficiencies in vitamin A, E and potassium can increase the risk to humans corns and calluses.

healthy feet

Warning: If you have diabetes, then keep walking and your skin clean, moisturize dry after each wet, with quality products. You should not attempt to cut or shave away corns and calluses at home. This can lead to potentially dangerous infection of the surrounding issues. A podiatrist or other health-care practitioner should perform this.


Your health-care practitioner may also prescribe antibiotics for any corns or calluses that have become infected. Your health-care practitioner can help you determine type of products is safe for use on your skin.