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Girls Like You Home Skin Care

Girls  Like You Home Skin Care
Girls Like You Home Skin Care

Everyone dreams of having a healthy, glowing and supple skin and to make their dream come true people dare to use any chemical-based cosmetic product that, they believe, can render them the desired glowing and radiant complexion thus can make them look awesome.

However, it is being noticed that these chemical based skin care and beauty products give you the temporary glow; if you cease the use of these products the skin comes back to its previous condition. Therefore, it is much wise decision to pick the home skincare products prepared by natural ingredients; not only they can give you the natural and permanent glory but are purely natural and can be easily prepared at home using ordinary kitchen items.

Few commonly used home skincare recipes are given below

Chilly Banana pulp acts effectively as a face-plumping moisturizer. Pulverize a fresh banana, dab it to face and leave for 15 minutes. When the set time is over, rinse the face using cool water.

Place slices of fresh cucumber over your eyes to soothe them. Natural remedy for skin tightening and removing or confiscating blackheads is tomato pulp. Application of cucumber juice on the face can help in reducing the wrinkles. Let the juice take time to dry up before rinsing the face for getting desired outcome.

Yogurt mask is an effective treatment for restoring natural acidity balance to the skin. Keep the mask on for 15 minutes and then splash cool water on the face to rinse the mask off. After washing pat dry the face.

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