Golden Orange Makeup Tutorial


When I think about the fall and when we think that we need some simple fall look then nothing is better than Dare palette by Sigma Beauty, as you know that they are loaded with beautiful seasonal shades and they are super cool with the texture and the fine application too so here are some simple application that will make you look absolutely beautiful and ready to say welcome any fall party so are you ready.

So as I told you that we are using Dare palette by Sigma Beauty and we are going to use the bright and sparkling peach and orange shade with sun gold and some simple highlighters that look great with cold winds and white snowy season, and we will start with the prime as usual as you know that if you need a perfect look then you need to use tips of pro,

Golden Orange Makeup Tutorial-

we will apply the best prime possible and then we will apply some foundation and it is best if you use a bit lighter shade of foundation, next thing you need to do is apply the plain dull gold color on whole lid and blend it with your finger and let it go from the lash to the upper layer of eyebrow and that will act as highlighter too.

Golden Orange Makeup Tutorial

Now we will take some plain dull orange and apply on the center of the lid and then start spreading it with the finger and we will add some sharp bright shimmery one on the outer corners and keep blending and we will create a sharp edges and then we will take a small hind of plain sun gold in the inner corners and blend it all over from up to down with finger now you are almost done, you just need to add plain black liner and black mascara and taraa!

Golden Orange Makeup Tutorial-0

The quality of this look is it is not very difficult and it does not take too much time and it can help you get a very glamorous look within 10-15 minutes including your whole make up, try some shimmery natural looking lipstick with that, so try and let me know.

Golden Orange Makeup Tutorial-01